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    Pack location & information Empty Pack location & information

    Post by Musa on Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:11 pm

    This is a MODERN DAY story of werewolves who live among humans set in 2014. In this world, werewolves are seen as people with a disease. They tend to hide what they are from people because even though there's not supposed to be discrimination, it still happens.  Your werewolf will more than likely have a human life, job, friends, etc. 

    The Scarred Oak Pack is located in Hot Springs Arkansas, and the surrounding areas thereupon.  

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    Hot springs is a touristy place thanks to the springs that give it it's name, but aside from it's shops and malls within the city, there are also mountains, national parks, and plenty of streams and nature trails to explore. Both city and country wolves will feel quite at home, at least, that's the Lupa's aim.

    The pack is spread both through this city and nearby areas. (and if you want to live in a neighboring town, you can find more info about surrounding cities on google maps and wikipedia.org.)

    The setting for the Lupanar- the time in which all the pack members gather together, usually just before the full moon. is deep within the Ouachita Mountains.

    Pack members are -always- welcome at this cabin whether or not Goldynwolf is there, as it is considered their refuge and one of the few places the pack will defend to the death. 

    More to come on the cabin and surrounding areas when appropriate pictures have been found or drawn.

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