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    Post by Musa on Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:10 pm

    This would've gone under terminology but it can be just a little confusing because the word alpha within the pack is actually different than how we tend to use it in the real world,so I've given it it's own area.

    [color:1ea1=ff8200]ALPHA wolves are wolves who have enough power to take care of themselves and the clan; they're like master vampires in the anita blake universe, and though there might be several alpha wolves in a pack, not all of them are Ulfric just as how several master vampires might serve the master of the city.   

    Alpha werewolves tend to be in positions of power in a wolf pack.  An ulfric's Geri, Freki, Skoll, Hati, Bolverk, etc all tend to be Alphas, because they had to be powerful to challenge for, and hold the positions they are currently in.  Furthermore, the more powerful the Ulfric, the more powerful the Alphas underneath him tend to be, because they're strong, but not strong enough to take his position from him.

    On a power scale of 1-10, ten being the strongest, if an ufric is a 6, the alphas tend to be in the 5-4 category with all 'regular' wolves around 1-3.  If the ulfric is an 8, on the other hand, the alphas tend to be 7-4 with the 'regular wolves in the 1-3 range.  Those alphas could challenge the ulfric in the first pack who was only a six, and could take over as him, so why would they stay within that pack?  The only real answer to that is Loyalty; it is incredibly rare, but sometimes a more powerful wolf will hang around a less powerful ulfric, usually as his skoll, hati, or geri, protecting him out of sheer loyalty. In most cases, however, if an alpha is more powerful, they will take over the pack and kill the old Ulfric. 

    [color:1ea1=ff8200]PLEASE POST ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE TO THIS TOPIC BELOW & we will try to explain it better

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