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    Werewolf Definitions Empty Werewolf Definitions

    Post by Musa on Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:07 pm

    The werewolves have a variety of private terms, primarily borrowed from Norse mythology although a few stem from Greco-Roman myth as well.

     --  is the king or leader of a werewolf pack. He is considered the ultimate alpha male of the pack. The Ulfric will be replaced by whoever defeats him in combat. In theory it does not have to be a death fight, and the Ulfric can in fact step down, but the new Ulfric will usually kill the old one to prevent a dominance split. Theoretically, female weres may become Ulfric, but female Ulfrics are rare because the strongest males normally have a significant strength advantage over even the strongest females. The term is a derivative of the Norse "ulfr," meaning "wolf."

     --   the mate of the male leader of the werewolf pack. To be a lupa a werewolf must not necessarily be alpha. Most often an ulfric and his lupa are married in real life, but this is not always the case.  In the case of the Scarred Oak Pack, right now Goldynwolf is acting as Ulfric and will only become Lupa for the right male. Our pack is not the norm, but we get by [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

     --  The word the werewolves use to describe their sacred meeting place .

     --  The proper word for Werewolves.

     --  the secondary enforcer for the werewolf pack.

     --  The primary enforcer of a pack (wolf). The skoll and hati of the pack both enforce the will of the Ulfric and protect him.

     --  meaning worker of evil or doer of evil deeds, is another name for Odin. To the lukoi, bolverk is a person (wolf) who meets out punishments that the Ulfric does not feel comfortable giving. Most packs do not use this title anymore, as most Ulfrics choose to do their own dirty work. The bolverk is allowed three helpers: Baugi, Suttung, and Guunlod.

     --  Named after Norse God Odin's Wolves a Geri is a Werewolf pack's second-in-command.
     Someone wishing to challenge the ulfric for leadership of the pack has to first defeat the current Geri.

    Eros or Eranthes
     --  members of a werewolf pack designated or entrusted with the teaching newly infected wolves how to control their strength and beasts during sexual intercourse. they are named after the Norse gods of love and lust. Eros being the male and Eranthes being the female.

     --  A pack's second who has announced his intent to challenge the current ulfric for leadership of the pack.  AKA A Geri who decides they want to be Ulfric, is now a Fenrir.  Judas is another good word for it >.>

     --  A werewolf who has begun to contest for the right to lead the pack; traditionally, the Freyja will call the pack leader out to fight to the death. A wolf must reach the second in command status before they can issue the challenge for leadership.  In other words, a regular wolf becomes a Freyja when he wishes to become ulfric. Before he can do so, he has to fight his way to the second in command, take his position and become Fenrir before he can fight for right to be Ulfric.

     --  Named after Norse God Odin's Wolves a Freki is a Werewolf pack's third-in-command.

     --  The Munin are the departed spirits of past werewolf pack members that were consumed by the pack to preserve their memories for times of need

    -- The Spiritual Advisor/Shaman/Grief Counselor to the pack.  In a lot of cases they tend to be humans or witches, but in the Scarred Oak Pack, one of our wolves is talented in the spiritual arts.

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