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    The story of our Clan


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    The story of our Clan Empty The story of our Clan

    Post by Musa on Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:03 pm

    The Scarred Oak clan used to be large, thriving, the envy for any Lukoi pack for miles around. Led by their Ulfric, Vince Jameson and his wife, the lupa Holly Jameson, it was a clan of about thirty wolves which was big for an Arkansan pack. The Scarred Oaks lived rather peacefully for a good ten years under Vince's leadership, along side a few other packs who shared the Ouachita Mountains and surrounding areas as their territories.  

    Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. In 2012, Vince received word from a previously quiet group of Ursine that lived in territory that overlapped his.  They had undergone new management; the old Ursa, a woman who had been happy to live peacefully beside her lupine brethren was struck down, and a new dangerous and opportunistic queen took her place. Krissa warned the Scarred Oak clan that if they did not pull their territory back and allow the Ursine to expand theirs, there would be war.  Vince refused to back down. He and his kind had been inhabiting the same area for centuries, long before the bears had wandered into that particular part of the mountains, and he'd be damned if he allowed a group of salmon eaters to take over. 

    Unfortunately that was the wrong decision.  The Scarred Oak clan was struck down by the marauding bears, many of them eaten including Vince. The wolves retreated, cutting their territories by half, leaving them with their Lupanar and cabin, but very little left to the west of their settlement. Holly Jameson, also known as Goldynwolf for the color of her coat, along with her two friends took charge of the frightened and badly beaten group.  Together they formed Lupa, Skoll and Hati, and began a new age for the Scarred Oak Pack.  They vowed to find a new Ulfric, and reclaim their territories, to restore their former glory, and more, to have revenge for Goldynwolf's husband, for their friends, for their home.

    You are a survivor of the war against the bears, or maybe you are a new member. Either way, this is a story you need to know. We tell it every year at our Lupanar when the pack comes together, lest we forget the lives of our brothers and sisters and our beloved Ulfric, taken far too soon. Revenge is coming.

    "So what are we doing", I'm keeping it vague specifically to give everyone a chance to explore your character and interact. However, a unifying few things to keep in mind:

    We need to rebuild, find new wolves, then try to destroy the bears that took our brethren. We are basically a group that's shell shocked and trying to rebuild. we've lost friends, lovers, in my chara's case she lost her husband, the ulfric of the pack. Remember that your friends were in this pack. You considered these people family, closer than family, and they've been literally eaten by werebears. There are so many ways you could go with that with your character.

    We're also human so we're trying to basically cope with a disease that turns us furry while hiding it from employers and friends that might not be so understanding because while werewolves are legal citizens, discrimination does happen

    Along the way goldynwolf has to find a new ulfric to lead. she's kind of acting ulfric till she finds someone she's ok with being lupa to.

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